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Employee Development

Building Capabilities throughout Your Organization

for Continued Success

Capability Inventory & Assessment


Ever wonder exactly what your employees truly know and don’t know?  It’s difficult to come up with the right training solutions when you don’t know what the learning gaps are.  Let us work with you and your team to conduct a SKT Capability Inventory Assessment (Skills, Knowledge & Talent) to have the best data available to maximize your training efforts.

Learning Plan Development

To truly sustain a culture of high performance and accountability, and to attract and retain top talent, organizations must include opportunities for continuous learning, in and out of the classroom.  As Adult Learning Specialists, we would welcome the opportunity to design & develop customized learning plans for your leaders & teams, with measurable results of their progress.

Work Desk

Course Design & Development /

E-Learning / Learning Management Systems

Are you relying too much on on-the-job training?  Concerned that content may be being delivered in an inconsistent, incomplete or inaccurate manner?  Would you like to update your content for fast delivery, with just-in-time learning for today’s mobile devices?  Let us help!  Our instructional design team can design and develop both technical and skill-based training in all types of delivery modes—classroom, job aids, e-learning, mobile learning, videos and even create your own online university and learning management system to track course completion and learning plan progress. 

Facilitator Training / Train-the-Trainer

Let us help build the capabilities of your in-house training staff with our Facilitator Training Programs.  Our programs, customized specifically for your business and content delivery, can assist with presentation skills, web delivery, course development, working with stakeholders & subject matter experts and more.

SP School of Business

At Strategy Performance, we offer over a full curriculum of courses and training programs that can be customized to meet your specific needs.  Subject areas include:

Leadership & Management

Sales & Service

Performance Management

Personal Productivity

Marketing & Communication

Project Management

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