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Sales Effectiveness

Expand Market Reach, Define Your Sales Process,

and Build Team Capabilities

Sales Process & Routines

An effective combination of well-defined sales processes and routines is the track that a successful sales team will run on.  Without that structure (track), your sales team will be left to their own devices and certainly will not be as effective.  Let us work with your organization to establish customized sales processes and routines that will set your sales team and your company on the road to exceeding your sales and revenue targets.


At Strategy Performance, we offer a number of ways to build the capabilities of your salesforce.  From our many customizable courses from the SP School of Business, to our Avoiding Wonderland in Sales Program, Sales Coaching and our SP Sales & Service Newsletter, we have a wide variety of solutions to meet your needs.  Want a truly custom course designed for your firm?  Our instructional designers & experience sales training team can do that as well; just give us a call.

Sales Tools

What if your team had a set of customized sales tools with all the information they needed at their finger tips for easy reference at any time?   Like your own company version of Google?

Custom-designed tools can be built in print and / or electronic formats, including an online
portal of resources & training, available for your team from their desktop or mobile devices.

Customer Relationship Management

It is said that it can take up to seven contacts to make a sale. How are you tracking those contacts?  When should you contact them and how? How is your team capturing important personal information regarding your customers? How are you measuring their sales efforts? 


Let us help train your team on the most effective contact management routines and tools, to help them close more sales. We can also help source and implement the best customer relationship management system for your needs and budget.


As your business grows, most likely the types of products and services that you offer will continue to evolve and change.  We can assist with identifying your key target markets, the design & development of product and service offerings, pricing and distribution models, as well as the marketing and sale of your products & services.

Lead Generation & Management

If you build it, they will come; right? Not hardly!  68% of companies are still struggling with lead generation.

(CSO Insights via Lattice Engines)

So how do you get the best quality leads? Do we make cold calls, send out emails, post on social media? Avoid Wonderland™ and let the SP Team help you develop a simple and effective lead generation strategy.

Referral Program Development


What if you had teams of people outside your organization sending leads to you on a regularly basis?  Exactly what would that look like and how would you make that happen?  Leads from referral partners have a much greater conversion rate than other leads.  Let us help you take your sales to the next level with targeted referral program development.

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