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Performance & Talent Management

Creating High-Performing Cultures of 

Service & Accountability

Attraction & Retention of Top Talent


One of the most critical challenges in today’s work environment is the attraction and retention of top talent for your organization.  How you source and hire candidates today is very different than even a few years ago and is changing each and every day.  Let us work with you and your team to evaluate and maximize your recruiting and hiring efforts, to make you the employer of choice for today’s multi-generational, tech-savvy workforce.


Organizational studies have revealed the one of the largest factors impacting the performance of employees is Job Design and Role Clarity—having a very clear understanding of the requirements of their role, how those requirements are to be accomplished, and how their success will be measured.  We would welcome the opportunity to work with your organization to evaluate your organizational structure, as well as the job requirements needed for each role to better support the overall strategic objectives of your organization, which is the foundation for successful performance management efforts.

Performance Management

Performance Management is the pinnacle of priority when it comes to creating high-performing organizational cultures of service and accountability; however, it is often the most dreaded of all leadership tasks.  By human nature, we tend to do more of what’s inspected than expected.  Let us develop customized performance management documents, assessments, tools and routines, for all levels of your organization, and train your team how to implement them in such a way that both the team members and the organization benefit and value these efforts.

Employee Onboarding


According the Society of Human Resource Management, 69 percent of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding.   However, “great” onboarding is much more than signing new hire forms in the HR Office and watching a video.  We can help your organization attract and retain high-quality talent with the creation, implementation, and marketing of an effective onboarding program.


Another important factor in attracting and retaining top talent, is the structuring of compensation plans & benefits.  Should this role be hourly or salary?  How do we structure our bonus program or incentive plan?  What should our time-off policy be?  Let us help you answer these questions and more and structure a compensation and benefits package that meets the needs of both your business and those of your employees.

Talent Management & Succession Planning

Your best employee just had a medical emergency and will be unable to return to work.  Your top salesperson has decided to retire early to spend more time with the family.  The years of knowledge and experience that they have are irreplaceable; or are they?  Our proven talent management solutions will provide a customized and targeted plan to transfer this knowledge to those who need it, protecting the company and its customers as your employees transition on. 

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