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Marketing & Communication

Helping Businesses Tell Their Story and

Promote Their Brand

Website Design & Development

Your Website is the First Impression of Your Business to Prospective Buyers. 
Is it Sending the Right Message?

Our team of web design specialists stands ready to design & develop a professional and innovative web presence that will position you as the provider of choice, growing your market share of business.

We believe in creating modern, customer-friendly websites, utilizing the latest in web technology partnered with eye-catching graphics and powerful copy that moves visitors to action. In this day and age, we must be mindful that people are looking at your website on a desktop, mobile phone, tablet, etc. and your website needs to look amazing on all of these devices!  All of our custom-designed sites are multi-device friendly, and offer an endless array of options including e-commerce, secure member / employee login, mobile app, social media integration and much more.  


The power of social media cannot be denied!  Social media plays a vital role in communicating your business message and provides an easy, cost-effective way to reach a large. We can help you create a social media platform, design advertisements and regularly update your online presence with relevant content & messaging that will build brand awareness & grow your business. We can even train you how to manage your own accounts if you would like!

Social Media Strategy & Planning

Content Creation & Posting

Account Set Up

Page Design & Creation

Design & Implementation of Social Media Schedule

Ad Creation & Delivery

Analytics & Reporting

Website Integration



Did you know that even with the popularity of social media that email campaigns still produce the highest sales conversion results, for both new & existing customers?

Let us to help you create powerful email campaigns to help support your acquisition & retention efforts.

Showcase Your Products

Share Your Expertise

Promote Events


Tell About Your Company

Create Community

Creative & Instructional Design Services

You have this GREAT IDEA for a new customer mailing to promote your company's services or an event within your organization; however, you are not sure what it should say, how it should look and the best way to get your message out there. Or, maybe you simply do not have the time or resources to do it. Our graphic design team and experienced consultants stand ready to help your business present its best professional image by assisting with design, development, and copywriting for:

Business Cards

Print & Online Ads

Flyers & Posters

Slide Show Presentations

Sales Presentation Materials

Sales Letters

Newsletters (Print and Email)




Job Aids & Productivity Tools

Employee Handbooks
Training Manuals

Job Descriptions

Performance Evaluation Documents

Business Plans

Marketing Plans

Presentation Folders

Press Releases (Print & Online)

Policy & Procedure Manuals


Measure your success and find out which strategies work best for your company! Our company offers a monthly analytics review that allows you to learn about:

The number of visitors to your website each day and their demographic information

Email open rate

Your most effective social media posts & strategies

Growth of your company's web presence over time

PR &


Experts in the fields of sales, marketing, and customer loyalty, our experienced professionals are here to design, develop, and deliver unique web-based solutions and communications for your business or organization, in a timely and professional manner. Services Include:

Email Marketing

Print & Online Ad Creation

Strategic Partnerships

Press Releases

Copywriting & Content Authoring

Strategy & Planning

Designing & implementing a consistent and effective communication plan for your organization is vital to your ongoing success. Your company's message needs to constantly be in front of your current and potential customers. At Strategy Performance, we can create a detailed communications plan that will determine exactly how often and what content you are updating your website, posting on social media, sending out emails, posting blogs, etc. Once the plan is in place, you can simply be on auto-pilot and either implement yourself or allow us to manage your communication plan for you!


Ever struggle to come up with content for a newsletter or for a social media post? We can help you with content creation and how to delivery it to your audience. We do this in the following ways:

Composing drafts of content for your review and edits

Researching relevant topics to your industry

Customizing information to the channel where it is posted

Monitoring which topics are most popular with your audience

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