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10 Ways to Stay Productive

During COVID-19

Consider these Ten Ways to Stay Productive During COVID-19:

  1. Update or Build Your Website.  During COVID-19 customers are looking at your website more than ever to see updates to your store hours and policies, as well as research more about local businesses to support and / or shopping online. If you already have a website, consider updating your site to make sure it most accurately represent your business and offerings.  Also, be sure to add specific messaging regarding COVID-19 and its effect on business operations

    If you do not have a website, now is the time to establish your online presence! We offer the very latest website technology, with an easy-to-use editor and training, all for a very affordable price.  Companies of all sizes trust Strategy Performance for their website needs and so can you.  And, to help make it even easier, we are offering a six-month payment plan for all website projects initiated through June 30th.


  2. Develop a Communication Plan.  Now is great time to sit down and carefully think through your marketing strategy (social media, email marketing, etc.) and create an organized strategic schedule. This can be for a month, quarter, or even a year at a time! We would welcome the opportunity to assist you with your plan creation, including content ideas, best channels to use, best wording for your message, post timing and more.

  3. Start (or Re-Start) a Blog.  Blogs are a great way to engage your audience and drive traffic to your website - however, you must be committed to publishing posts on a regular schedule. Take time to make a list of blog topic ideas, decide how often you want to publish (we recommend at least once a month) and be sure to add it to your communication schedule. Also consider writing multiple blog posts now and saving them for when business picks up and you may not have as much time to sit down and write.  Not sure how to get started?  Ask about our Performance Blog Master Services.

  4. Develop E-Learning and/or Online Resources for Your Team. During times such as these, we are reminded of the importance of having access to information digitally. As you think about training & communicating with your existing employees and as you later bring on new employees, remember that it is important to provide consistent training and continuing education. Now is a great time to consider converting your in-person training and printed company resources to digital format.  Contact us; we are ready to help.

  5. Review and Update Your Business’ Printed Materials.  Now might be a great time to think about re-branding your business or strengthening your current branding with updated brochures, signage, business cards and more. Call us today for a free estimate.

  6. Build or Grow Your Email Marketing.  During this ever-changing time, having an email database is critically important.  Not everyone is on social media, however most everyone has email. You do not "own" your social media followers; that platform does.  However, you can own your email list. Be sure you are communicating valuable information to your customers, and not just flooding their inbox. You could also add an email sign-up form to your website and post on social media about signing up to get your emails. Let us help set you up with the most effective email marketing solutions and strategies to help grow your audience.

  7. Build Personal, Business and Team Capabilities with Individual and/or Group Tele-Coaching and/or Training.  Let us help you

    • Manage Your Team Remotely

    • Prepare Your Business for Pivot

    • Communicate Effectively During Crisis; and so much more

  8. Plan Your Virtual Team Meetings. Who says you can have an effective & educational meeting with your team, even during these difficult times? If you need help planning your meeting and / or need a speaker for your virtual meeting, let us know! We also can assist you with sharing digital resources with your team, to help make them feel connected.

  9. Revise Your Policy and Procedures. Every employee desires clear instructions and expectations set by their employer - whether they vocalize it or not. Now is a great time to look at your current policies and procedures and see what areas might need to be updated.

  10. Consider Updating Job Descriptions & Performance Management Routines to Provide Better Role Clarity and Improve Performance. Organizations perform most effectively when the proper team structure & clear understanding of performance expectations are in place. Let us help your organization build a structure for sustainable success and growth.

We know this is an overwhelming time. We know this is hard. We are in this together and we will get through this. Please let us know if we can help in any way. It would be our joy to serve you!

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