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Never Underestimate the Amazing Power of Your Pen

Photo Credit: Deposit Photos

If you look in the desk of just about anyone these days, it is always interesting what you will find; various ink pens (from every trade show you ever attended), the standard office supplies, a stress ball, and any number of other trinkets.

However, among all of these items you often find a hidden gem . . . something that has become so rare that it is often saved and cherished for many years. It evokes a special and powerful feeling just to find it when going through your personal belongings.

So what is this special and cherished item? A simple hand-written note.

What is so special about a hand-written note? In our information-overloaded, electronic communicating world that we live in, this type of gesture has become even more rare and more appreciated.

It's a commitment of time. Sending a hand-written note tells the receiver that you were willing to take the time to sit down and put your thoughts on paper; not to mention, purchase and find where you keep the paper!

It's a commitment of energy. Let's face it; it's a lot easier to send a quick 'TY' text message rather than having to sit down and write out a message on a card, even if it is just a few sentences. Then you have be sure you have the correct address, address the envelope and be sure you have a stamp. And why is our handwriting starting to look bad as we get older? We don't practice writing that much anymore.

It's more personal. Writing a note is one-to-one; not a group email or text. A message sent in a written note is always more thoughtful and personalized, simply because you have taken more time to make it that way as part of the note-writing process.

It's more powerful. Handwritten notes have helped people land the job of their dreams, the love of their life, or the big client sale. To quote the famous American Poet, Maya Angelou: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."


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